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          The introduction of the knowledge about cold bending section steel unit

          時間:2018-8-4 10:25:01

          Characteristics of cold formed steel products

          The cold-formed steel products are made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel strips by stamping, bending, drawing and rolling at room temperature. In the middle of the 19th century, the characteristics of the cold-formed steel processing technology have been adopted for design. Such product cross-section is more reasonable.

          Generally, when the section parameters are similar, the weight per unit length of cold-formed section steel can be reduced by 20-50% compared with that of hot-rolled steel, because the section of cold-formed section steel is reasonable, the performance is fully developed, and the structure weight is reduced, so that the greater rigidity and strength can be obtained under the condition of less metal consumption

          Cold formed section steel unit equipment

          As the production equipment of cold-formed steel products, the equipment composition of the cold-formed steel unit is diverse, and the structure of the equipment is also different. In addition to the open-ended cold-formed steel unit and general cold-formed steel unit, the joint forming technology of adding other equipment to the forming line for combined processing is developed, which is used in various special production. The frame structure is also composed of two parts From roller type to four roller universal type and multi roller type, the automation level of its control is also improving day by day

          Cold bending unit is classified according to strip preparation process 1. Continuous forming cold bending unit

          Take the rolled strip steel as the raw material, butt weld the strip steel at both ends of the head and tail, with the strip steel storage equipment, after forming, use the flying shear or flying saw to cut the fixed length, forming is not continuous in the middle section, forming product quality is good, and production efficiency is high 2. Single roll forming cold bending section steel unit

          Take the rolled strip steel as the raw material and feed it into shape one by one. There is no shear butt welding and storage device for the strip steel. After forming, use the flying shear or flying saw to cut the fixed length. During the roll changing operation, the forming is interrupted. There will be bell mouth defects at the head and tail of each coil, with medium production efficiency

          3. Single forming cold bending section steel unit

          Taking the steel plate cut to a certain length in advance as the raw material, the steel plate is fed into shape one by one, without shear butt welding and storage device of steel strip, forming is intermittent forming, without cutting after forming, each shape will have bell mouth defect, and the production efficiency is low

          The continuous forming cold bending steel unit is equipped with complete equipment, good product quality and high production efficiency, which is suitable for large-scale industrial production. It includes uncoiling, straightening, shear butt welding of strip head and tail, material storage, shaping (welding, shaping) cut to length, inspection and collection and other main processes. Due to the roll by roll feeding forming, the gap time is short, so the production efficiency of this type of unit is high. The single sheet forming cold bending section steel unit is fed and formed one by one. It does not need to walk the fixed length cutting equipment, strip shear butt welder and storage device. Its fixed length shearing machine can adopt the common inclined edge shearing machine. Its main processes include: uncoiling, straightening, fixed length cutting, stacking, feeding, forming, inspection and collection. Because of feeding and forming one by one, the gap time is long, so this type The production efficiency of this type of unit is low, which is only suitable for the production of open section steel. In general, according to the degree of specialization of the products produced, it can be subdivided into general-purpose forming units and special-purpose forming units. A general purpose forming unit the general purpose forming unit is mainly used to produce general-purpose section steel, such as angle steel, channel steel and various simple section sections. The forming frame is small (generally 8-12 frames), and the structure is simple. The unit is mainly composed of uncoiler, forming unit, flying shear, output roller table and take-up device.

          In the test unit of face opening cold bending section steel, a variety of section steel for automobile doors and windows and other section steel products with complex section and high precision requirements have been developed and produced.

          The unit includes uncoiling, butt welding of strip steel, forming, online spot welding, straightening, cut to length, collection and other processes,

          The main technical parameters of the unit are

          Uncoiler double drum four link cantilever uncoiler

          Strip shear butt welding manual guillotine shear and manual arc welding butt forming unit

          Formed gantry frame structure, 30 frames in total, each frame can be installed with plug-in vertical roller to form a four roller universal frame, with roller shaft diameter of 50mm and side pull-out roller change mode

          Up to 30 vertical roller frames can be installed at appropriate positions according to the requirements of product forming. The DC motor can be driven in groups, and the lower single roller can drive the finished product to straighten the eight roller flying saw

          Sawing mode: flat push sawing

          Clamping mode of section steel: front and rear double clamps

          Fixed length control mode flag switch + pneumatic system driven fixed length control accuracy plus or minus 20mm